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Parable of the Two Pigs

July 23, 2010

Parable of the Two Pigs and Others (a Fable)

                Wrinkle Snout shared everything with his best friend Smudge Foot.  Even with their busy schedules, they both came together at the end of the day to talk to each other and share their day’s experience.  Wrinkle Snout had the hard job of being a show pig.  He showed Smudge foot how he had to sit very still for long periods of time; and told his friend all about the torture he suffered through being washed and groomed often.  Smudge Foot had just received an apprenticeship to the Chief Truffle Rooter.  Smudge Foot showed Wrinkle Snout how he had to dig and snort all day.  They both laughed at that.

                Smudge Foot soon grew tired of his job.  The work was very hard.  One day after work, Smudge Foot was particularly tired.  He wanted to relax, so he went down to the mud hole to soak.  Soon, a few other pigs came along.

                “Come and join me,” Smudge Foot invited.

                “No, we found a better hole, a special hole where our troubles are forgotten for a time.  You should try it.”

                Just then his friend Wrinkle Snout came by.  “There you are Smudge Foot.  I waited at our usual spot but you did not come.  How was your day?”

                “I am too tired to talk to you right now.”

                The next day came and Wrinkle Snout waited at their spot, but Smudge Foot never came by.  He checked the old mud hole, but sat there alone.  He missed his friend.  Where could he be?

                Smudge Foot fell out of favor with the Chief; he had fallen asleep during lunch and returned late to work.  Upset, he decided to go to the special hole where he found other pigs in abundance.  All too soon, he forgot about Wrinkle Snout

                “Come on in, or are you scared?”

                “I’m not scared.  What is there to be scared of?”

                “Well, sometimes pigs sink in this mud hole if they stay too long or go too deep.  But we are fine, come on in.  You will be safe enough.”

                “Well, I don’t know if I should.”

                “Silly sausage, hairy ham, go back to your mother, boring bacon.”

                “I’m not afraid.”  Smudge Foot put on a brave face and went into the mud.  Instantly he felt better and couldn’t remember the troubles of the day.  Wrinkle Snout still waited for him to come.

                Smudge Foot went to the special hole every day thereafter neglecting his friend Wrinkle Snout.  He had new friends now. 

                One day after Wrinkle Snout had just won the State Fair, he went to find his friend at his work but he wasn’t there.  Wrinkle Snout wanted to share his happiness with Smudge Foot.  In the past, his friend always celebrated when he won, and cheered him up when he lost.  Disappointed, he decided to take the long way home through the woods.

                On the way, Wrinkle Snout found a side trail with several pigs on it.  He followed the trail.  He then remembered a warning that his father had given him about the trail.  “Sometimes pigs don’t come back from there, so stay away.”  Scared for his friend, Wrinkle Snout hurried down the trail.  Maybe Smudge Foot was there.  To his horror, Wrinkle Snout found that Smudge Foot was indeed there as well as several others, hip deep in the special mud pool.

                “Get out of there Smudge Foot.  It is dangerous, I want to play and have a good time.  I’m so happy.  I won the State Fair.  Let’s take a walk and talk like we used to do.  Come celebrate with me.”

                “Come on in here, Wrinkle Snout.  You will feel even better.”

                “No, I will not go in there.  Pigs can sink in there.”

                “Look at me.  I’m not sinking.  You will feel better than you feel now.”

                “You used to make me feel better than I feel now and I used to make you feel better.  We had so much fun together.  You don’t visit me anymore.  Now you come here every day.  You forgot to go to work today.  Don’t you care anymore?

                No, I will not join you, Smudge Foot.  Here, let me help you out of there.  Come and talk to me.  I will help you.  I will always be there for you.”

                “I am fine and happy.  What is there to help with?”  Smudge Foot replied.

                Thereafter, Wrinkle Snout resolved to go to the special mud hole every day to offer to help Smudge Foot come out of the hole.  He tried to get the others out of the hole as well.  Once in a while, a pig would sink under the mud.  The other pigs in the mud hole did not seem to care.  Wrinkle Snout tried hard to get them out, but they never listened. 

                “All of you, come out of the hole.  Let me help you.  Come out of the hole Smudge Foot.”

                “You bug me Wrinkle Snout.  Quit coming here.  We don’t want you here.  Go away, we can take care of ourselves.”  With that Smudge Foot went deeper in the mud pool.

                “No, come back.”  Wrinkle Snout pleaded.

                “No, I like it here and I am staying.”

                Wrinkle Snout cried sad tears as his friend Smudge Foot slowly sank into the quicksand under the mud.

                “All of you listen to me, Smudge Foot has sunk under the mud.  Don’t any of you care?  The same thing will happen to you sooner or later.  I will help any of you out of the mud.  Come to me.”

                Then to his surprise, one of the other pigs came to him.

                “You have been there for us even when we did not want you.  We were mean to you, but you never left.  You are the best friend to us all.  Please help me out of this hole.  I want to be with you, and I cannot do it myself.”

                The next day, there were two pigs trying to get the others out of the mud hole.

The Science of Magik

July 23, 2010

Science of Magik

A Beginning: Thoughts are magic; and magic is thought.  Simple enough?  Thoughts form and control magikal energy.  Certain animals, herbs, objects, chants, symbols, patterns, and places focus and conduct the magikal energy.  The body will channel magical energy as it heals itself.

Obviously some materials work better than others.  Wood does not conduct electricity well but copper does.  Gold conducts electricity even better.  Wood produces more thermal energy when ignited than copper does.  Due to the vast differences in people and their lifestyles some people are better at using magik than others.  

I leave this record for your benefit or destruction; you choose how you wish to use it. I have lived multiple lifetimes and experienced many cultures. I learn from them all. Everyone, everything instructs me. Open your mind, expand and enhance the magik within. Magik exists all around you, embrace it. The only way or correct way does not exist, myriad paths lay before you. I am a character from the book “Endgame: Genesis of Destruction” and write to you from that perspective. I am the immortal sorceress Evlyn Cerce Frulynd, a proper formal title meaning Evlyn (my given name) Cerce (taught of the honorable sorceress, use cerk if sorcerer, or ceres if multi-sexed) Frulynd (my first mystic teacher who happens to be my mother). The foundation holds the greatest strength and importance so always honor your first teacher. How you use the information and power within these pages rests upon your choices which you and only you are accountable. The wisest among you preach the rule of three where the magik you send out positive or negative will return upon you threefold.

What is Magik? Magik is projected thought used to manipulate matter and energy. The great sorcerer Albert Einstein summed it up as E=MC2 clearly showing that energy (E) and matter (M) are interchangeable with the assistance of constant (C2). Others claim that energy and matter are conserved and one cannot turn into the other, meaning however much energy you start with you end with howbeit in a different energy form; and however much matter you start with you end with howbeit in a different form. Without C2, energy and matter are conserved, but throw in C2 and the world turns inside out. So what is C2? C is soul, thought, being, essence. In short, C is you. “I think, therefore I am”, Rene Descartes. Now, getting C to the second power requires some work.

Universal Rule: Call it Karma or call it the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you or call it the Rule of Three where the magik you send out positive or negative will return upon you threefold.

First Rule: There exists opposition in all things. There are 6 magikal elements each with its opposite. Air-Earth, Fire-Water, Spirit-Null. In the case of C2 or magik opposition exists within magnetism. Sorcerers should note that electricity creates magnetic fields hence the use of candles for lighting. Before attempting to raise C to the second power remove yourself from Null such as interfering “lodestone & lectricity” and stay Spirit centered. Many practitioners choose to remove themselves to the wilderness escaping such interference. Some also remove their clothing becoming “skyclad” for the same reasons. The great necromancer Dr. Frankenstein used electricity and Null to great effect. I specialize in Geomancy (Earth Magik) and Healing (Spirit Magik). There are other disciplines such as: Pyromancy (Fire Magic), Hydromancy (Water Magic), ESP (Air Magik), & Necromancy (Null Magik). Technomancers also use Null Magik. Of course there are blended disciplines such as potion creation that cross over and use several elements at the same time. Pyrokenesis combines Pyromancy with ESP.

Second Rule: I consider draining magik from another sentient quite offensive. This is a form of vampirism. In most cases, draining magik from me carries with it a death sentence for the vampire making such a large mistake wherein I am the judge, jury and executioner. The shambling Skorn murdered my mother after draining her magik and sought to capture me to sustain his life if you could call it that. Cowboys in the American Old West hung cattle and horse thieves. I declare the same for magik rustlers!

Third Rule: Respect one another and learn. Remember the Universal Rule. Most organized religions propose love as the ultimate teaching within their religion yet have no tolerance or respect for any other religion. Everyone is different; everyone has their own opinion and belief. I know that the gods exist, four gods: Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water ruled the world where I came from manipulating events and sentients through an elaborate card game. Around here, many more exist. There are the elder gods who existed before mankind who created man in their image along with the gods who mankind created in man’s image. Remember rule one. These man created gods live in immortality for as long as they have worshipers and followers without such they cannot survive. Given that these gods do exist, I have encountered many of them, be respectful of them and their followers. Each religion uses magik in many wonderful ways and has great things to teach us all: prayer, meditation, and healing to name a few.

Tools to take C to C2: Thought is magik. Consider the placebo effect where patients take what they think is medicine but in reality it has no medicinal qualities at all yet their health improves over those who did not take anything; “mind over matter” in action. This can be increased through meditation as interfering thoughts melt away. The injured or sick sentient sends positive focused healing thought into the injured area. Masters alter their body temperature or lower pain perception through thought alone.

Pictoglyph “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Glyphs, runes, signs, sigils, and such contain concentrated thought built up of history, culture, collective group meaning, as well as individual meaning thus increasing C. These form a type of thought shorthand. The power and significance of glyphs change meaning over time; take the swastika for example an ancient symbol of luck and power now transformed to a symbol of hate. Whatever meaning you give to the glyph, it then has that meaning. Take into account Sorcerer Ralph Blum’s blank rune; anciently, I doubt that Vikings used it since it is very hard to read. This fact does in no way invalidate the item known as the blank rune. It has meaning for Sorcerer Ralph Blum and all who use it, therefore it is valid. Slang words are made and old words receive new meanings all the time. Once they gain a following, they then exist. What is art? Art is whatever anyone says is art. Art as well as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Colors, Sound, & Smell: Likewise sound and smell also contain concentrated thought. Consider the musical score in movies. Various orchestral sequences say things like: this is the hero, watch out the bad guy comes, be sad, be happy, or be angry. Does pine scent, lemon scent, or orange scent say “I’m clean”? Apple pie says “home”? Does light blue or light grey say “calm”? Yellow or red say “be excited and happy”? Choose appropriate colors, sounds, and smells to enhance the thoughts you wish to project. Doing so increases the percentage of brain usage opening a greater portal to C.

Emotion: You have to believe it, want it, feel it, and mean it. Intent is a crucial element to all magik. Think of magik in the form of a missile where thought is the warhead and emotion is the fuel behind it.

Group Work: Two or more minds work better than one alone. Ritual, ceremonial, and group magik increases C by everyone thinking in the same direction. The witchboard and séance depend on group thought.

Tools to increase projection: Continuing the missile analogy; it needs guidance or aiming. Personal auras occur through passive projection of thought. Sensitive sentients feel and see the auras of others. Some sentients actively project aura becoming invisible. Body language combined with projected aura communicates anger, confidence, or fear. These emanations however remain in close proximity to the body.

Wand or staff:  These ancient tools are best made with hard wood. Wood grows in rings forming a succession of larger cylinders. The variation in seasons causes alternating layers of tight smaller cells and larger ones. Magikal energy transmits through the length of the wand or staff bound within the concentric cylinders much like a rifle beryl contains and directs a bullet. To muffle sound in recording booths people use jagged soft foam. Likewise soft wood muffles magikal energy; sure it still might work but hard wood works better. Many practitioners recommend asking the tree for permission before taking the wood as well as giving a gift to the tree. I advocate taking wood from fallen branches and not harming the trees at all.

Crystals: Crystals primarily focus magikal energy will most also amplify the same magikal energy. Some crystals also “remember” thought patterns and can be attuned to various needs of the sorcerer.

Sword: Most metals readily conduct energy including magikal energy. They also contain crystals and can record thought. Note: iron and steel swords do not violate the first rule until they produce their own magnetic field. Keep your magik casting sword away from anything that may cause it to develop its own magnetic field.

Body Language: Hand, arm, and head motions; even full body dance also contribute to the increase of C by adding rhythm while galvanizing the thought.

Rhythm & Rhyme: Why use rhythm and rhyme? Whatever language you use for your spell, you will increase its power through rhythm and rhyme. These set up carrier waves of sound which will carry your spell farther. If you lack poetic skill, send your thought out with a rhythmic chant. The words should obviously relate to the desired effect of the spell cast.

Ultimately the thought belongs to you, the magik belongs to you, and therefore you should learn from a variety of sources and make it all yours. If you purchase a spell from someone it will not work nearly as well as if you created it because it is only a poem out of context from the casters original purposes. Chances are the original purposes are to get your money. Personal recommendation, never purchase a spell! Use the spells shared with you as examples. Edit, alter, and change them to suit you. It is like a resume, you cannot take someone else’s resume and use it unless you are real good at lying; however, you can learn format and condensed wordsmithing from which you build your own resume. Likewise a resume with the intention of getting a store management job will differ greatly from a resume for an IT job even though you are the same person sending out for both. Remember there are myriad paths not one!

Genealogy: Research, the Next Step

July 21, 2010

Start your Genealogy here

Are you ready for the next Genealogical step? Now that you have all of the important information from your living ancestors; and, you have picked their brain for information on your deceased relatives; and, you have all of that information entered into a computer data base, it is now time to poke around and find some more. Cyndislist has several sites and resources categorized and listed out for you.  CyndisList is on Facebook. Give familysearch a look over, it’s FREE. Use the LDS Family History Centers they are hear for more everyone’s use, FREE. Find one close to you.

Researching Vital Records From 

For more information, go to and search genealogy or the Ancestors TV show

For obituaries and geneology forms

Description:  Family tree templates available in PDF form. These free forms can be used to  create your own personal family tree

NOTE: I am not endorsing any website or product but merely providing the information that they exist, I put this together 6 years ago so some links might be dead just let me know, Thanks.

  Online Databases  
  What’s in Them Where to Find Them How to Use Them***  
  Almost always include:  Names and some additional information (e.g., date, place, spouse, etc.) of a collection of people  Ability to search by name, place and/or other keywords

  Information about the original source
May also include:

  Any of a variety of details about the people found in the database

  Scanned images of original documents or photos

For a list of searchable databases by category: Housing Multiple, Searchable Databases:
  To find information about your ancestors in compiled resources (to be confirmed by searching original sources)  To speed your research by searching indexes of original sources (e.g., census, military)  To find submitters to contact and share information with

  To find others with your surname of interest in your area of interest (e.g., SSDI)

Vital RecordsDeath Records
What’s In Them Where to Find Them How to Use Them***
Almost always include:  Name  date of Death

  place of Death

May also include:

  age at death

  date and/or place of birth

  cause of death (although some states now black this information out)

  details about the length of illness

  exact time of death

  occupation and/or name of employer

  residence of the deceased

  whether single, married, widowed or divorced

  date and/or place of burial

  name (and possibly address) of undertaker

  signature of attending physician

  name (and sometimes address) of informant, frequently a surviving spouse, child or other close relative

  maiden name of deceased woman

  names of parents

  name of surviving spouse

  exact time of death

  how long in this country or location
or approximately 1900 or later:
the State Department of Health Services or Office of Vital Records as found in
http://www.vitalchek.comIf prior to 1900:
(for those states that began registration earlier than most or to find contact information for local agencies)
State or county resources such as:

or locality/main.htm
State or local libraries or societies and/or compiled records for that locality as found in our Resource Guide.
In addition to solving the mystery of what happened to your ancestor, information on death records can help you:  find a birth date and/or place to research  find a maiden name for a woman

  find parents’ names to research

  identify the names of children, spouses, or other relatives to trace

  find cemetery or church records for the burial

  find an obituary or death notice

  find a newspaper account of a cause of death listed as “an accident” or “killed”

  find an approximate year of immigration or arrival in this locality

  develop a medical family history for your family

  determine which children belong to which mother in the case of multiple marriages

  find an address to seek in deeds or city directories, locate on maps, or narrow your search in an unindexed census

  identify employer records to pursue

Marriage Records
What’s In Them Where to Find Them How to Use Them***
Almost always include:  full names of bride and groom  date of the marriage

  county where the marriage took place

May also include:

  age at time of marriage

  date and/or place of birth for bride and groom

  names and birthplaces of the bride’s and groom’s parents

  names of the witnesses to the marriage, often relatives

  residence of the parties

  whether single, widowed or divorced

  age at time of marriage

  occupation

  church of marriage ceremony

  name of minister or priest
or local town or county courthouse as found in:
or state or county resources such as: http://resources.rootsweb

or locality/main.htmIf more recent:
the State Department of Health Services or Office of Vital Records as found in

If particulary early:
State or local libraries or societies and/or compiled records for that locality as found in our Resource Guide.

Information on marriage records can help you:  find a birth date and/or place to research for the bride and groom  find a maiden name for a woman

  find parents’ names (and possibly birth places) to research

  learn about previous marriages

  find a newspaper announcement

  find church records for the marriage

  determine which children belong to which mother in the case of multiple marriages

  learn about previous marriages

  find addresses to seek in deeds or city directories, locate on maps, or narrow your search in an unindexed census

Birth Records
What’s In Them Where to Find Them How to Use Them***
Almost always include:  name of child  gender of child

  race of child

  date of birth

  place of birth

  names of parents

May also include:

  maiden name of the mother

  ages of parents at the time of the birth

  birthplaces of parents

  occupation of the parents

  family residence address

  child’s order in the family

  hospital or name of attending physician or midwife

  exact time of birth

  maiden name of the mother

  physical description of the child
or local town or county courthouse as found in:
or state or county resources such as: http://resources.rootsweb

or locality/main.htmIf more recent:
the State Department of Health Services or Office of Vital Records as found in

If particulary early:
State or local libraries or societies and/or compiled records for that locality as found in our Resource Guide.

Information in birth records can help you:  find the names of the previous generation  find a maiden name for the mother

  find parents’ birthplaces

  find parents’ approximate years of birth

  find church or hospital records for the birth

  find a newspaper birth announcement

  determine which children belong to which mother in the case of multiple marriages

  find an address to seek in deeds or city directories, locate on maps, or narrow your search in an unindexed census

  identify employer records to pursue



TIME & MONEY the two great stumbling blocks to research.

Handout From Leisel Clayton (used with permission)

                Time management

                                Know how long things take… time them, you might be surprised.

                                Don’t forget prep time

                                Streamline by creating routines

                                Dovetail tasks

                                Analyze yourself:

                                                What works for you?

                                                When do you have the most energy to do things?

                                                How long can you keep focused at once?

                                Get it out of your head

                                Map out your hard landscape

                Priorities based

                                Start out by determining what matters most to you.

                                What are your main values?

                                Determine your roles.

                                In your life:

                                                what do you want to have?

                                                what do you want to do?

                                                what kind of person do you want to be?

                                Now, that you know your priorities, plan goals to further those priorities.

                                Goal planning page, monthly calendar page, weekly calendar page, daily pages

                                                Use a monthly calendar to note upcoming appointments.

                                                On a daily basis, note today’s appointments, create a list of things to do today,

                                                                prioritize your tasks, so that you know which ones are most important

                                                                for you to get done.

                4 Quadrants:

                                                Quadrant I            |              Quadrant II


                                                Important              |              Important

                                                &                             |              but not

                                                Urgent                    |              Urgent

                                —————————-           |—————————-

                                                Quadrant III         |              Quadrant IV


                                                Not important       |              Not important

                                                But                          |              and

                                                Urgent                    |              Not urgent

                                Keep up with Quadrant II tasks, try to avoid Quadrant III and IV activities.  Quadrant III

                                have the definite possibility of undermining your efforts… items there are usually brought

                                to you by other people, but they do nothing towards helping you achieve your goals and

                                support your values.

                Context based

                                Start out by emptying your head, and gathering all the papers/voice messages/etc. that

                                                generate tasks for you.

                                Organize all your thoughts and information into projects.  A project is anything that

                                                requires more than a single task to complete.

                                For each project, determine a next action.

                                Place all next actions onto context-based to-do lists.

                                Examples of contexts:

                                                @ Phone

                                                @ Computer

                                                While running errands

                                                @ Home

                                                @ Work

                                                @ Anywhere

                                Agendas – lists of things to talk about the next time you speak with someone

                                Calendars are for hard landscape items… things that must be done at or by a certain time,

                                                or else they might as well not be done.  The context lists are for everything else.

                                                Tasks are not prioritized, but when you are in a particular contextual setting, you

                                                do as many of the tasks from that context as you can get to.  The idea being, that

                                                it takes time and effort to switch from one mode to another, and that by doing all

                                                you can while in that mode, you accomplish more than if you have to switch

                                                back and forth between modes.

                                Weekly review!

                                                Loose Papers

                                                Process Your Notes

                                                Review any “Journal/Notes” Decide and enter action items, projects,

                                                                waiting‑fors, etc. as appropriate.

                                                Review Previous Calendar Data

                                                Review past calendar in detail for remaining action items, reference data, etc.

                                                                Transfer into the active system.

                                                Review upcoming calendar events ‑ long and short term.

                                                                Capture actions triggered.

                                                Empty Your Head – put in writing (in appropriate categories) any new projects,

                                                                action items, waiting‑fors, someday‑maybes, etc not yet captured.

                                                Review Action Lists Mark off completed actions.

                                                                Review for reminders of further action steps to record.

                                                Review Waiting‑For List

                                                Record appropriate actions for any needed follow‑up. Check off received ones.

                                                Review Project (and Larger Outcome) Lists. 

                                                                Evaluate status of projects, goals, and outcomes,

                                                                                Ensure at least one current action item on each.

                                                                Browse through work‑in‑progress support material

                                                                                Trigger new actions, completions, waiting‑for’s, etc.

                                                Review Any Relevant Checklists. Use as a trigger for any new actions.

                                                Review Someday/Maybe List. 

                                                                Review for any projects which may now have become active

                                                                                Transfer to “Projects.”

                                                                Delete items no longer of interest.

                Time map based


                                                What’s Working and What’s not?

                                                What are your time management preferences?

                                                What are your energy cycles and sources?

                                Four tiers to defining the life you want

                                                Know your major life categories

                                                Develop big-picture goals

                                                Select activities to help you achieve those goals

                                                Choose daily tasks/to-dos that make up your selected activities.

                                Create your time map.  A time map is a schedule that is subdivided into “activity zones”

                                                that correspond to your life categories and contain all the tasks on your to-do

                                                list.  Essentially, you create time buckets for the types of tasks you will do.


                                                Sort potential tasks by category

                                                Purge whatever tasks you can

                                                Assign a Home to tasks you have decided to do

                                                Containerize tasks to keep them within the time allotted

                                                Equalize – refine, maintain, and adapt your schedule.



                                Franklin Covey  (variety) priorities based time management system

                                Getting Things Done by David Allen

                                                context based time management system

                                Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern

                                                time map time management system

                                                help to analyze why things are not working out and how to fix them

                                Software that might help you manage your time:

                                Life Balance (PC and/or Palm OS PDA’s)


                                                – 30 day free trial

                                                – To-do list organizer.  Has features not available in any other program.

                                Above and Beyond (PC only)


                                Shadow Plan (primarily Palm OS PDA’s)


                                – Versatile, feature-rich outliner.

                                – Free to try before you buy.

                                HandyShopper (Palm OS PDA’s)

                                                – (search for HandyShopper)

                                                – Freeware…shopping lists, inventories, to context based to-do lists, and more.

Genealogy: Getting Started

June 23, 2010

Genealogy: Getting Started

                Interview your living relatives (while they are here and easier to talk to) to find out their birth date and where they were born even down to the hospital if you can. Find out a christening, baptism, bar mitzvah, or other important religious date and place. Marriage and divorce records are also important. Make sure to have the relatives’ full name spelled correctly and all nicknames for that relative. Ask them to gather all of the documents they have on these events. You might wish to scan them into your PC later and then be sure to give them back. Record and organize all of this information. You may want to use this form I created or something similar. Have paper and pencil ready for your personal phone interviews.

 Researching Communications Log

Researching Communications Log Back

You might also want a paper pedigree chart and family group record. These charts are on computer genealogy programs.

Using a computer program will greatly enhance organization and many allow photos to be linked to your files. Here is a link to PAF 5.2, download a free genealogy program. Also download PAF Companion Basic

Family tree templates available in PDF form. These free forms can be used to  create your own personal family tree


                 When interviewing living relatives about deceased relatives be sure to get as much of the above information as possible along with the date and location of death and the date and location of where they are buried or the remains are kept. Take note of the cause of death as that may be an indicator of genetic disorders. Use the conventions listed below in writing your notes. Just start with 4 generations, which is more than enough work to do without moving on.

4 Generations, The Starting PlaceNot the ending place!
Generation Pedigree Chart Family Group Record
1st You, Your Spouse Your Children
2nd Father, Mother You, Brothers, Sisters
3rd Grand Fathers, Grand Mothers Father, Mother, Uncles, Aunts
4th Great Grand Fathers, Great Grand Mothers Grand Fathers, Grand Mothers,Great Uncles, Great Aunts


Write name as:

                Riley James CRINSHAW

                Jenna Evelynn EARLDALE

                First Middle (include all names) LAST (use maiden names) sometimes there are more than one last or first names. Some cultures track family maternally instead of paternally. Whatever name or names track through generations put in capital letters.

If the person goes by two or more names put “or” between them

                Abraham Delacey Giosepti Casey Thomas O’MALLEY or The Alley CAT

                From Disney’s movie, “The Aristocats”

Write date as:

                9 Feb 2005

                Day (one or two digits) Month (abbreviated spelling) Year (four digits)

Write places as:

                Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, USA

                St. Martins, Birmingham, Warwick, Eng.

                City, County or Parish, State, Country

                                Use commas and when information is missing keep the space with a comma

                                Colorado Springs, ,Colorado, USA

Be Aware of Naming Issues

                Immigrant forced name changes

                Worker class names





                Different Spellings

                Biblical Tradition

                                ___son of___

Don’t move on until this much is compleated. Note all related people. Some non traditional family units exist; so note relational conections such as, but not limited to: adopted, guardian, life partner, domestic partner, ect. Whatever your political viewpoints are don’t bring them to genealogy. Be sure, the traditional family unit does not dominate as it used to do. All signifficant other relationships should be noted. However, be clear on blood lines also.

Recipe Scrapbooking

June 23, 2010

Another suggestion; many food boxes and labels have recipes printed on them. Cut them out and tape them onto a sheet of computer paper. Put the sheets in page protectors. Purchase a D ring binder (D rings don’t pinch pages as much) I found that a fancier binder that zips all around works well for me. Insert your pages into the binder. If you print out recipes from these web sites insert them into your binder as well.

Do your get recipe pages from your church or women’s group? Did your Pampered Chef stuff come with a few recipes? Do you have a load of scrap paper recipes? Don’t scrap them just scrapbook them. Use the whitespace around your existing full pages to place your cutouts or smaller scraps on use every bit of space to condense your hardcopies. Try to put similar recipes on the same page if you can.

These last two pages are front and back of two sided recipe articles. I simple taped them into one page allowing both sides to be viewed.

My Recipes

June 23, 2010

Paul’s POW! 

1 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 teaspoon Chili Powder

1 teaspoon Curry

¼ teaspoon Cloves

1 teaspoon Onion Powder

¼ teaspoon Cayene Pepper

½ teaspoon Garlic Powder

½ teaspoon Black Pepper

½ teaspoon Salt

2 teaspoons Sugar 

Blend. Place in salt shaker and season anything of your choice

Uncle Paul’s Hot Soft Pretzel Puffs

Uncle Paul’s Guacamole 

2 avocados (cut, scoop, & mash) discard skin and pit

¼ to ½ Vidalia onion (diced)

1 tomato (diced)

1 Tab lime juice

½ cup sour cream

¼ tea garlic powder

½ tea chili powder 

½ tea cumin or sub taco powder 

Combine ingredients in a bowl & mix.  Chill for 1 hour, and then serve.  If it just ain’t guac w/o cilantro, just chuck some in there.

sweet & spicy tacos

Uninstalling a Program for Technophobes

June 18, 2010

Are you a technophobe?  Apparently you are not alone.   Cathy Thomas sent me this:  “10 Celebs Who Are Total Technophobes”( )

Have your kids cluttered your computer with too many games? Do you want to get rid of some annoying background programs? Did your program load a second unwanted program on your computer?

No worries let’s nuke em. Click your bottom left windows icon. 

Find and click Control Panel.

Find the heading Programs, under it should be Uninstall a Program, click it.

Don’t be afraid. A list of your installed programs will load. Highlight the name of the offending program. Click and follow the prompts. All done.

Computer Cleaning for Technophobes

June 18, 2010

Are you a technophobe?  Apparently you are not alone.   Cathy Thomas sent me this:  “10 Celebs Who Are Total Technophobes”( )

I see the make my computer faster comercials on tv often. You do not need to pay them to clean your computer; you can do it easily yourself.

Click the bottom left windows icon on your computer (this is from a Win Vista System but other versions of windows will be similar)

Click to get your list of programs

Find and click the Accessories folder

Find and click the System Tools folder

Find Disk Cleanup program and Diskeeper.

Use these programs. Just click and follow the prompts.

You can also right click and Pin to Start Menu so that you can find these programs easier next time.

If you can’t find these programs, enter the name of the program in the search box of your start menu.

McAfee  has a cleaning option as well.

Double click McAfee and find and click PC Optimization.

Click QuickClean and follow the promts.

I don’t use Norton but I am sure they have something similar.

The online sites do the same things that these programs do, so don’t waste your money.

When you start up your computer, things will be slower because the computer is reataching to all of its periferals and the background programs are doing their thing. The lower right bar shows all of your background programs. These are constantly running. Each will slow down the computer somewhat. If there are a lot of these your computer will be slowed down a lot. Evaluate each one a see if you need it. If you need to get rid of a program see Uninstaling a Program for Technophobes  

Widgets will slow down your computer. Sure they are cute and sometimes useful but keep them to a minimum.

Virus protection programs slow down your computer. If you use the internet, you need to have one or worse things will destroy your computer. If your virus protection program is running a scan, your computer will be greatly slowed down. Because this is a background program, you may not know that it is performing a scan. Look at its icon on the bottom right bar, if it looks different than usual, maybe a little spinning anamation os such, click it. It might say “scan in progress”. Tell it to stop, click cancel, you won’t hurt anything by doing so. Set up, or have a freind set up, a more convienient time for the program to do what it does, such as 3:00am.

DAZ / Poser 3D Freebie Hunter

May 3, 2010
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OK so you got the DAZ 4.6 PRO free software (comparable software $500.00). Well if not, go get it at DAZ Studios. Now what? Before you start loading the rest of the freebies on to your computer, stop and think about why you want the 3D program in the first place. There are thousands (no joke) of freebies available to you. Scroll down for a list of sites giving away free stuff.  Be selective and make sure that your downloads meet your 3D goals. Does your computer have 75-200 giga-bites to contain the thousands of freebies?

I highly recommend getting “The Complete Guide to DAZ Studio 4 [eBook]”, because  I needed this book three years ago when I started 3D modeling with DAZ.  Because the DAZ Studio program is free, they do not feel the need to provide an instructional guide.  Anyone who has started out using DAZ Studio knows about the horrendous learning curve.  I just started into The Complete Guide to DAZ Studio 4 and the language in the book is easy to follow with enough screen shots to aid in understanding.  The author gives the reader sound recommendations for changing defaults and gets the DAZ Studio user up and running quickly.  I enjoy the logic and flow of the book.  The later chapters promise to cover creating some items for which I most definitely need some help.  The generous publishers and marketing department at Packt have agreed to give my readers a free 1st chapter so please click on the link:, and then on the Sample Chapter tab and then on download sample chapters in PDF format link to download the sample chapter.  Especially those of you who are new to DAZ Studio, click the link.

BIG NEWS!!!  Dawn is now available for free; get her here:  There has not been a free human female 3D model available in a few years.  Dawn comes with hair, one outfit, and some poses.  find the rest of my list of sites to visit for freebies toward the bottom of the blog.  New to 3D?  You might want to read the tutorial portion of the blog.

“Dawn is an original 3D figure available in two formats: Poser and DAZ Studio. No importers or conversions needed. Just download the version you want and start rendering. Add Dawn to your runtime and see what can happen when you don’t take no for an answer.” quote from Hivewire.

In you’re my Downloads folder create a “DAZ Studio” folder.  Within that, create “!!!New ZIPs”, “!!!Extracted ZIPs folder”, & “!!!Tutorials” folders.  The “!!!” keeps these folders toward the front of the line and marked as yours.  Collect ZIP files in your “New ZIPS” folder.  Use the extract here option to unzip the folders.  Now depending on how many ZIPs you had you will either have a small mess or a large mess to clean up.

Why bother organizing? Personally I don’t like scrolling through thousands of files to find what I want. Use my recommendation or something that makes sense to you.

Why not just unpack the ZIP to your DAZ / Poser area? Doing so will make an absolute mess of your DAZ / Poser. Only about 1/3 of the freebies follow the standard format reiterated by Meshworks; look in their tutorials. That means a LOAD of clean up! Once everything is cleaned up, then transfer to your regular DAZ / Poser location.

You will want to put your files in order before you put them in your DAZ content folder.  If you never plan to use DAZ to sell pictures and will only use for personal use, then you do not need the vast majority of the reedme’s and other documents.  These contain the legal use rights granted by the creator of the model.  If you are using the models for profit or making add-ons for the model you will need to keep and read the reedme.  Change the name of the reedme to something more descriptive so that you can find it again such as “Readme for Company Name : Model Name”.  These documents will be found all over the place; either delete them or put them in a master folder “!!!ReadMe”.

Promo pictures show up as well.  These are pics of other products that the vender makes or sells and are not needed.  Be careful!  If a .png or .rsr file is in the same folder as the character file .cr2 with the same name you need it because it becomes a menu icon.  You need some other picture files for templates and textures.  These give the model form, shape and color.

NOTE I do not own a MAC and cannot help anyone who does, sorry. I hope its similar to this. Files that look like ._filename.ext or a folder called ._MacOS or something similar are for MAC’s; if you have a PC, you can’t use them, so erase them.

The folder structure you want to see is as follows:

My Downloads

a          DAZ Studio

b                    !!!ExtractedZIPs

c                              Extracted ZIP files in case you mess up

b                    !!!NewZIPs

_____*****when it’s cleaned up Cut & Paste from here*****_____

c                              Content (Has been changed to “My Libraries” in DAZ 4.5)

d                                        Runtime

e                                                  data

e                                                  Geometries

f                                                            OBJ OBZ Files

e                                                  libraries

f                                                            camera

g                                                                     CM2 CMZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Character

g                                                                      CR2 CRZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Face

g                                                                      FC2 FCZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            hair

g                                                                      HR2 HRZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            light

g                                                                      LT2 LTZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Materials

g                                                                     .MC6 .MC7 .MT5 .MT6 .MT7 files could be in sub folders

f                                                            Pose

g                                                                      PZ2 PZZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            props

g                                                                      PP2 PPZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Scenes

g                                                                      PZ3 Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

e                                                  Reflection Maps

f                                                            JPG Files could be in sub folders

e                                                  textures

f                                                            Picture Files; Map, Skin & Surface (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, ect) could be in sub folders

_____*****to here*****_____

c                              Other ZIP Files that have not been extracted

b                    !!!Tutorials

***NOTE: Most people creating the freebies know the proper folder structure so find My Library or Runtime in the folders after opening the zip file.  Place any Runtime folder into the My Library folder, just cut and paste.  For the most part I erase all ads and promo pictures and just focus on these two files.  If you find a Content folder rename it My Library and merge it with the existing My Library Folder.  Clean up your folders and then cut and paste the new My Library folder created from your freebie zips to your main My Library folder that you use with the DAZ Studio program.  DAZ will have extra files in its studio area, you won’t have these in your staging area. Leave them alone, unless you are sure of what you are doing.  I am still trying to figure out where all the Genesis with its Smart Content stuff goes.  I will update when I figure it out.

Find many free open source programs for a vast variety of objectives at Source Forge. 7-Zip at Source Forge will allow you to open RAR compressed files as well as others. Opel GL OBJ Loader, SketchBoard, PatchOBJ, BlenderCAD, Wings 3d, K-3d, and Mandelbulber at Source Forge may be of help and interest to artists. You may want UVmapper, The Gimp, & Bryce (DAZ) also. CNET is another excellent site for free programs.

THANK YOU to all artists, programmers, and websites that have contributed to this vast 3D treasure trove!!!

.DLL Support Files DAZ uses some of these

.DOC Tutorials, Read Me’s Word (bundled most PCs)

.GIF Textures The Gimp

.JPG Textures The Gimp

.MP3 SoundFX Windows Media Player (bundled)

.MPEG Vidio Windows Media Player (bundled)

.OBP Bryce Geometries Bryce (DAZ)

.PDF Tutorials, Read Me’s Adobe Reader

.PNG Textures The Gimp

.PSD Textures The Gimp

.TGA Textures The Gimp

.TIF Textures The Gimp

.TXT ReadMe’s Word (bundled most PCs)

These Files are for other programs. You may be able to find a converter for them. In an attempt to cover many bases some ZIPs will contain these files which unless converted, are for the most part useless for DAZ. Look up other extensions at FILExt.

File Extension Program Company

.3DS 3D Studio Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.ABR Photoshop Adobe, Paint Shop Pro.

.B3D 3D Builder

.BB Art-lantis ABVENT

.BVH Biovision Motion File Poser

.C4D Cinema 4D

.CPP C++ Borland, Maya

.DDS DirectDraw Surface Microsoft, Photoshop

.DEF 3D Fassade Plus ADS Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.DXF AutoCAD Autodesk, 3D graphic

.FBX Kaydara Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.H Header ADS Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.LWO LightWave NewTek

.MAX PaperPort ScanSoft

.MB MapBasic MapInfo, Maya

.MTL Alias Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.OGG Ogg Vorbis Xiph.Org Foundation

.PCF Calyx Point Paint Shop Pro

.PMD PageMaker Adobe

.PRJ Project File 3D Studio

.PS PostScript

.RC Compiler Resource File

.RTE Fugawi Global Navigator Northport

.SIT StuffIt Smith Micro Software

.TARGA Truevision Targa Bitmap

.WRL Plain Text VRML

.X Alysis SuperDisk Self-extracting Archive

.XSI Softimage XSI Avid Technology

IMPORTANT!  Once your files conform to the above format them you can merge your new stuff with your regular content runtime in DAZ studios in My Documents.  I have some models that do not conform at all to the above format.  The creator has put the OBJ files in the same folder as the CR2 or PP2 files instead of geometries where it belongs.  The CR2 file contains folder location pointers to the OBJ file and material file and any textures or templates.  If the daughter files are not where they are suposed to be, the model will not load correctly.  DAZ 4.5 will tell you what it is looking for if it cannot find it and where it should be.  Use the search feature on your computer and create the indicated files to place the missing file in, then try to reload the model.  You have to use the tutorial in DAZ 4.5 to create a path to your non DAZ models before they will show up in the menu.

Most internet sites that provide free models require registration signup. Many of them provide newsletters as to what new stuff they have available in their pay store. As this is the main method of advertising these sites have and you are not paying for the freebies, allow them to send you a newsletter. It is the polite thing to do! Actually purchase a model or two, or even make a donation. These sites cannot stay open unless money comes in from the users somewhere. THANK YOU to all artists and websites that have contributed to this vast 3D treasure trove!!!

Special THANK YOU to Little_Star, who blazed this trail ahead of me allowing me to follow.


Here I will try to list many websites that offer “freebies” along with their store. If I have missed your website, and you have “freebies” for DAZ / Poser, please e-mail me If the site is in a language other than English please include instructions on how to navigate to the freebies; or to the sign up and then freebies; this is additional advertising for your site. I will not discriminate and censor in this article; I will leave that up to you, so yes some of these sites are ADULT oriented. I will not make statements as to the quality of the sites; make your own judgments. I am not promoting any site. I am merely letting you know that they exist. I will not reiterate the sites already mentioned above. I take a front door approach to linking, that means that I like to drop at the home page and not direct link as much as possible.

Many of these sites have a variety of Tutorials. People with a whole lot more experience with DAZ / Poser have written them; check them out.

AGAIN-!!! Most internet sites that provide free models require registration signup. Many of them provide newsletters as to what new stuff they have available in their pay store. As this is the main method of advertising these sites have and you are not paying for the freebies, allow them to send you a newsletter. It is the polite thing to do! Actually purchase a model or two, or even make a donation. These sites cannot stay open unless money comes in from the users somewhere.

_____*****WHAT YOU CAME FOR*****_____

THANK YOU to all artists and websites that have contributed to this vast 3D treasure trove!!!

ShareCG, Renderosity, Content & Most-Digital are your best bets plus DAZ Studios & already mentioned above.  I go to these sites daily.  Please find my free creations for DAZ Studio at

Some of these sites below may have disapeared by the time you click on it.  SORRY, I cannot always keep this current.  Last checked 01/22/2013.

3d Menagerie 3D PMR 3dUniverse 3eme Cercle Antonia Arc’s Pinup Studio

Arduino 3d resource XXX Baumgarten Enterprises Cadalyst Childe of Fyre

Combat Bunny Content Paradise  Dark Anvil

DAZ Studios Digital Creations Eclectic Guild Fantasy 3D

Heromorph Jan the Village Weaver Joe’s Art Gallery

KCTC klopfholz lab108 Library of Congress Vast 2D resource LittleDragon

Lovely Lady MalePoserotica XXX Mankahoo MDP Mint3d

Mystic Nights Nerd3D Nike’Image Painted Pixels PhilC Designs Porsimo

Poser Doll Psionic’s 3D Game Resources Qraffx

Realm of Savage Renderosity Runtime DNA Ruten Ryojo

ShareCG Keep coming back Shop Wicked

Sixus1 Professional smay3d Stefan Leng STK Productions Ether Forge

Synful Mindz  TrekkieGrrrl TurboSquid

Vanishing Point Yagami’s Yohuland Riddokun Poser Ziggies Model Emporium

3dcommune, adorana, andi3d

aprilsvanity, byudragon, crazy3dsmax

digitalbabes, faerie-dreams, handspanstudios

ladyfyre-graphics, planetvixens, poseraddicts

poser-corner, poserworld, runtimedna


AGAIN!!! Special THANK YOU to Little_Star, who blazed this trail ahead of me allowing me to follow.

AND!!! Special THANK YOU to Meshworks; for “Creating Compatible Zip Files”, © Krown Products Ltd. 2009 – All rights reserved.

More About Me:

Paul Anderson (Facebook w Pictures) AKA HsiWangMu (Look her up), Slimemold (My E-Mail), & Gyia (My blog w pictures and short stories).

Please link to this article here. You have permission to distribute this article as long as it is retained whole and unedited. If you need some pre basic pointers for 2D figure drawing, I have 2 short lessons here: Drawing-Pre-101


Bump Map– 2d black and white artwork used for texturing a surface. A bump map is usually an 8 bit grayscale image of an object or substance. It tells a rendering engine how far away any given pixel in the image is supposed to be. Shades of gray depict the pixel’s elevation. White is closest. Bump maps provide the information necessary to give surfaces a bumpy look. The artist must provide their own coloration. Bump maps can have any picture extension; such as: .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tif, .gif, ect. Definition in part from 3D Millennium.

Bundle- A grouping of programs as part of a package savings.

Character- A 3d element with moving parts. This could be a person, creature, or any item as long as it has moving parts.

Hi Res- A 3d element with many polygons is considered Hi Res. Most of the polygons of a Hi Res element are triangles. This provides an increase in detail. Hi Res elements make the best focus elements for your 3d space.

Lights- Lights are elements in the 3d space that lighten the other elements like a real light would in the physical world.

Lo Res- An element with fewer polygons make better background items. These are important because average PC’s crash when too many Hi Res elements are used.

Polygon- Lines that connect to vertices of a mesh and enclose a 2d space on the same plane form Polygons.

Pose- Someone moved around a character and decided that a certain positioning of the character had artistic relevance and meaning. That person then saved that positioning as a pose. Poses help artists save time by providing various character start positions. Most people like characters start in a standing erect with arms straight out to the sides position.

Post Work- The finishing touches that make you almost final render, final. These are usually 2d elements used to doctor problem areas.

Prop- A 3d element without moving parts. Any type of item without moving parts; if nothing on the person moves, it is a prop.

PSP Tube– 2d layered artwork usable in Photo Shop Pro.

Render- The 2D final or almost final piece of art. It could have several 3d or 2d elements combined together from multiple computer programs or sources.

Surface Solutions™- An improved form of bump map for rounded objects. Full definition at 3D Millennium.

Template/Mesh-3d elements are built at first by linking lines and vertices with 3 coordinates together in a framework.

Texture– Using color and shading in 2d art in a way to make it look the way it might feel: bumpy, furry, hairy, soft, hard, ridged, stony, plastic, metal, shiny, earthen, rough, smooth, ect. Textures are provided in 3d art to give models a more realistic look.

UV Map- An advanced mesh.

Endgame: Genesis of Destruction

February 2, 2010

This is a quick preview of my book Endgame: Genesis of Destruction.  It is availible on line at Barnes & Noble.COM

Princess Evlyn Sole Heir to the Throne of Eltin Valley has reached the age of adulthood. Her comfortable castle life quickly disapears, but her parents prepared her for this day, they taught her to fight and survive with the help of a variety of weapons including sorcery. With a few unlikely friends at her side she must unravel her parent’s secrets and the mystery of the Destroyer. ***** Meet a few of her friends: Torundor-a giant misshaped bird resulting from a collision of owl, hawk, and magic; Culivan-a Lemara fruit loving tree turtle; Sir Brox-knight and protector to the Princess; Sir Cole Danue-a knight from the other castle whom Evlyn has a crush for; Oak-a tree sprite who communicates through leaf sign; & Click- a giant ant like creature.

The World Beyond the Whirlpool

February 1, 2010

The World Beyond the Whirlpool

By Paul D. Anderson

My first short story written at age nine.  I left in all the original misspellings because they are cute.

Ch 1 The Sea Serpent

Once upon a time long ago four men went on a boat trip and didn’t come back for weeks.  The four men where sucked into a churning whirlpool down into the water they went.  The boat was transported to a world beyond our own.

            A mysterious fog creped in the air suddenly a gray figure was coming closer!  What could it be?  It was a sea serpent; its big brown eyes looked at the men called Bob, Tom, Robert, and Sam.  They where afraid.

            Then the gray serpent said, “Hello, who are you?”

            “I a-a-a-m Bob, from earth these are my friends.”

            “No need to be frighted, I’m your friendly sea serpent, spose you want to go back home?”

            “Yes we would, how?”

            “You first have to go through seven worlds to get to the ogre, take this ring go that way, by.”

Ch 2 The First World

The travelers went on foot to the first world through a dense forest.  Eyes where lurking about in the darkness.  Swoosh, the travelers where grabbed up by bat people away they went!

They where taken to the dungeon and were to be eaten at the big feast tomorrow.  A guard was posted he was the only one with the keys to escape.  Nearing nightfall Bob remembered the ring and told the others.  They opened it, it was a laser ring. It worked!  The bars were cut, guard asleep, and escape plan ready but one thing stood in the way, they needed the golden scepter.

The king kept the scepter close by.  The travelers escaped from the cell, found a map, and a trap door.  The trap door led to the king’s beautiful room, king and all.  The king grabbed his sword he was to late they lasered him grabbed the scepter and vanished into thin air.

Ch 3 The Second World

            They reappeared in a plain flat land only to be befriended by a space traveler and his pet.

            “You must be the travelers the sea serpent told me about!”

“Yes we are.  Do you have a space ship you can give us if we give you a diamond?”

            “I might let me sea.”

            They got a space ship very sturdy.  A thankyou was made then off they went.

Ch 4 The Third World

            Bang they bumped into a dinosaur.  This dinosaur was very mean he swallowed the space ship whole.  Then a tyrannosaurus rex the meanest of all dinosaurs came and bit the other dinosaur to pieces.  Meanwhile Bob and Robert where taking one of the dinosaurs’ teeth out while Tom and Sam are flying the ship they did it! And flew out just in time.

Ch 5 The Fourth World

            Finally they reached a statue with big red gems for eyes.  They landed on top of the statue and got out.

            They immediately changed into fighters with long guns and swords.  Then they wedged a gem out of the statue.  This statue was about a foot higher than the statue of liberty.

            The ship’s engines died.  Then the statue came alive and threw the space ship across the blue sky.

Ch 6 the Fifth World

            After getting out of the frying pan they got into the fire with a dragon.  The dragon started to melt the space ship which forced them to land.  The dragon kept on breathing fire.

            “The ring!”

            “Get your gun!


The battle started with a hiss and roar.  Slash, zap, bang, shzoom, snap the battle went on till finely the dragon was down, they vanished.

Ch 7 The Sixth World

            Appearing in a cave they gathered.  “This cave is damp and it gives me the creeps!”

            “Me too!”

“Shish someone’s coming!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

“Grab him!”


“Got him!”

            They got a dwarf a small little dwarf a foot or two high.

            “Don’t hurt me!” he cried.

            “Hello take us to your leader.”

            “I am the Leader!”

            “Can we get some rest here?”

            “Yes if you can solve the riddle five, ten, nine equals twenty one.  Blank, Blank, Blank = 18.”

            “I know it’s 3, 8, 7 = 18.”

            “You may stay for a night you must then go, here’s the key.”

            The day started.  They left and said good-by.

Ch8 The Seventh World

            The space ship broke down for the last time carrying a scepter, dinosaur tooth, a red gem, laser ring, and a key.  The travelers came out of the ship to repair it.  Robert went to get some wood, Bob was repairing the engines, Tom guarded the souvenirs, and Sam repaired the cockpit.

            A herd of wild minotaurs came from the horizon.  Robert had just collected the wood and saw them.  He Shouted then they got their weapons just as the beasts arrived, they where too late the space ship and all the other souvenirs were carried off, then it was their turn.

Ch 9 The Ogre

            They where brought before the great ogre.

“I see you have lived through your journey.  You want to go home right?  You must do seven tasks before you go!”

“We have already! We got the scepter, tooth, ring, spaceship, killed the dragon, solved a riddle, and helped the statue come alive!”

“You may go then all of you through the whirlpool here’s your boat!”

Veterans of War

February 1, 2010

Veterans of War

“What Happened?”

            My hearing’s gone weird.  The soldier thought to himself.  I can’t even hear myself correctly.  My vision’s gone wacky too.  I’m goastly white all over while everything else seams normal.  No, not normal at all.  The roof and walls have collapsed.  I must have a concussion.  From what?  I don’t remember.  Calm down and relax.  Think.  Yes that’s it.  I’m a soldier and a bomb must have gone off.

            My vision is clearing a little.  What is that over there?  A native girl caught in the blast.  That must be her bundle of clothes she dropped.  Blood is coming out of her ears.  Maybe I can help her.  First…first thing.  Breathing, yes now I remember.  I still cannot hear anything, but I see that her chest does not rise.  The soldier leaned over to give her two breaths.  Pulse, now check the pulse.  I can’t feel a thing.  My fingers do not work either.  Press her fingernails; check for circulation.  No circulation.  Start CPR.  How many breaths?  How many compressions?  I don’t remember.  Just do some or she’s dead already.

            How long have I been doing this?  Wait, her chest is rising on its own.  Aah!  My vision is going again.  Wow, it’s getting bright in here.  Hey, there’s people.

            “Help her, she’s hurt bad!”  The soldier pleaded with the people who just came in.

            “It is enough, faithful servant.”  He was white all over like the soldier.  “Come into your rest.”

            The gentleman who spoke turned to face a lady who looked as if she could be the native girl’s twin.  “Come, you have work to do.”  He gently invited the lady, while gesturing toward her bundle of clothes.

            The gentleman and lady had spoken another language yet the soldier understood it all.  He watched the bundle move slightly.  A little hand peaked out.

            “No, why did you bring me back?  We were both to die!  We are outcasts in our village now.  He will never be accepted.  A half-breed they call him.  Because of him!”  She pointed to the body of another soldier.  “And his lust.”

            “You have work to do.  He wants all of His children to learn and grow and eventually return to Him.  There is no good without bad.  There is no joy without trials.  Know that He loves all of his children.  He loves you.  Know that He is with you.  This spirit has been placed in your care and you have another chance to teach him.  Teach him to love.”  The gentleman added softly.

            My friend, thought the soldier, my friend is dead!  I will miss you.  We have been through a lot.  Seen many things that no one should ever see.  “Lady, please find room in your heart to forgive my friend.  I do not excuse what he has done.  Please understand that his childhood was a painful one.  His father beat him and his mother.  He taught his son to hate.”

            Without a response the lady returned to her body.  The gentleman turned to return from whence he came.  The soldier could see two other men with their heads buried in their hands.  One was his friend.  The other was older but looked quite similar.

            “Choices have consequences.”  Lamented the white robed gentleman.

            “What happens now?”  Asked the soldier’s friend.

            “I do His will.  It is not for me to judge.  Yet.”  He pointed at the lady’s baby.  “There is much work to be done.”  He turned to look back at the soldier.  “Come along, you may not stay.”

            “But, I am not dead.”  The soldier protested.

            The gentleman laughed kindly and pointed to where the soldier’s body laid.

            “Then how was I able to bring her back?”

            “Faith and love for your neighbor.  But mostly faith.”  Came the wise response.

            The soldier turned back to the native girl.  “I forgive you.”

                        Paul D. Anderson.

The Parable of the Moth

February 1, 2010

                                               The Parable of the Moth

            There exists a legend, little known, seldom heard; a legend of a moth who found truth while drowning in a sea of lies.

            Matthew crawled with his brothers and sisters around their bush.  Life was peaceful.  Gradually, many of his siblings disappeared, taken by the birds and other forest animals.  That was the way of things.  Matthew developed a fearful reverence toward the birds.  They could fly, he could not.  He wished to fly as well.

            As time moved on, Matthew would daydream more, pretending that he had wings.  Then, the time of The Change came.  Matthew was scared; he did not know what would happen.  He grew tired and slept for longer periods of time.  Finally, he broke free of the web he had lived in.

            “Wings, I have wings, my wish.  I am blessed.”

            Matthew found others with wings.

            “Do we all get wings?”  He asked an elder moth.

            “Yes, we all receive wings.”  The elder moth gently replied.

            “Why?”  Thus came the natural response.

            “That we may seek the light young one.”

            Matthew did not fully understand the elder moth’s comment, but he wanted the elder moth to think that he was smart.  Therefore, he quit asking questions and nodded in mock understanding.

            He flew around enjoying his wings and new found freedom.  When Matthew met with others, He liked to sound impressive and would tell them that he was seeking the light.  His fellows would nod in mock understanding.  Eventually, he found an associate who knew something about the light.

            “Yes, I too seek after the light.  There are several of us Light Seekers.  Come with me.  We are having a meeting this evening.”

            They flew to an area where odd looking animals dwelt.  These giants had matted fur, lived in large tight web structures and smelled sweet.  Matthew could tell that these dirty animals were not of the forest.  Several Light Seekers had gathered in the trees.

            Matthew listened to the many discussions that went on around him.  The others called the animals Light Bringers.  Some told Matthew about the wild time they had the previous night and about their visions.  Many had danced and celebrated around the light last night.  With reverence, some told about their friends who had joined the light.  All of the Light Seekers equated the mind altering effect of the light to spirituality and enlightenment.  A few of the Light Seekers fought because they knew that the light spoke truth to them and that the others had misinterpreted their visions.

            As the sun disappeared behind the mountains the Light Bringers brought forth and gathered around the flickering light.  Once in a while, one of them wound wander away following a beam of light on the ground.

            The Light Seekers began their dance.  Being new, Matthew hesitated to join in.  They weaved around the Light Bringers avoiding their swats and jabs.  Some danced around the ones who wandered off.  Finally, Matthew joined the dance.  He became dizzy from the excitement.  Gradually, he entered into a trance like state.  He watched others join the light.  Matthew grew tired and felt drawn to the flickering light.  He flew closer and closer feeling his excitement grow.  In the distance he heard a voice, a quiet voice.

            “Fly away from the light Matthew.  It is not what you seek.  I am the Light.  Follow me.”

            At first, the voice did not register.  Then he heard it again.  He tried to come out of his trance, yet a large part of him fought the voice.  The excitement of the light overwhelmed him.  That small part of him continued to struggle and would not give up.  The other part of him was too great.

            The little part managed this short request.  “Lead me. Help me.  Please.”

            Yet the larger part circled closer to the light.  Then, all at once, the light disappeared in a cloud of steam.  Matthew was free once more.  Now he could feel the voice vibrate within him.

            “I am the Light.  Follow me.”

            From that time forward, Matthew knew the true meaning of the elder moth’s statement.

Long Flowing Blond Hair

February 1, 2010

Long Flowing Blond Hair

At the Parade of Roses, I noticed a young girl with long flowing blond hair and a small flag.  After she had waved her flag at us, she looked familiar, too familiar…  I then remembered that cold February day thirty ‑ two years ago when I bought a newspaper from the corner vender.  The headline, nothing shocking for a large city newspaper, read “$2,000 REWARD, YOUNG GIRL MISSING.”  I was twenty-one at the time, and $2,000 was a large sum of money; therefore, I decided to look for the girl.  The paper mentioned that the girl’s name was Lyn Forester, and it contained a picture of Lyn, which showed her with long flowing blond hair, wonderful blue eyes, and a long attractive nose.

Holding my own nose on the next day, I started my toilsome search in the best area: a slum close to Lyn’s home.  There are many repulsive things in a slum area; some of them are rat-infested apartments, dirty drunken derelicts, and decaying animal corpses.  On the second day of searching the back alleys in the slum, I noticed three red strips of cloth hanging from an upper story window fluttering like small flags in the breeze; and I knew that it was the sign of distress from my Boy Scout days.  After I heard a muffled cry and saw the long flowing blond hair from the window, I burst through the front door and ran to the room where I found Lyn being beat by a nasty man.  With a surge of adrenaline, I knocked the man to the floor where he fell unconscious from the blow to his head.

After the police came, Lyn was taken to the hospital where she was treated for burns, bruises, and a cut on her face from the gag she had worn.  Lyn had been raped at the age of seven by a man who is now serving in prison.  Because I felt that they needed the money, I did not take the reward from Lyn’s family.  I was considered a hero by the newspapers and an idiot by the critics for saving a little girl from a sicko who had traumatized her.

I was awakend from my thoughts as the marching band from the parade came by.  After the girl with the fluttering flag began to cry for no apparent reason, my wife, Nancy, and I went to her.  We found out that her name was Ellen and that she was separated from her parents.  Since a policeman was standing close by, we told him about Ellen’s problem and left her in his charge.

After we agreed to return in one hour, Nancy and I split up in order to find Ellen’s parents.  After travelling one street block, I saw a blond couple looking for something.  I ran to them and asked if they had lost a little girl, but they told me that the only thing they had lost was a car.  I returned unhappily to the spot where we had left Ellen, and I informed the policeman that I had not found Ellen’s parents.  Ellen began to cry again when Nancy returned with two relieved parents.  They thanked us for our help and left happy with their daughter.  As they left, I thought about Nancy and my twenty ‑ four year old daughter and their long flowing blond hair.

Paul D. Anderson.

Hexagonal Dungeon Tiles part five

March 7, 2017

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Hexagonal Dungeon Tiles part four

March 7, 2017

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Hexagonal Dungeon Tiles part three

March 6, 2017

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Hexagonal Dungeon Tiles part two

March 6, 2017

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Hexagonal Dungeon Tiles

February 12, 2017

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