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Long Flowing Blond Hair

February 1, 2010

Long Flowing Blond Hair

At the Parade of Roses, I noticed a young girl with long flowing blond hair and a small flag.  After she had waved her flag at us, she looked familiar, too familiar…  I then remembered that cold February day thirty ‑ two years ago when I bought a newspaper from the corner vender.  The headline, nothing shocking for a large city newspaper, read “$2,000 REWARD, YOUNG GIRL MISSING.”  I was twenty-one at the time, and $2,000 was a large sum of money; therefore, I decided to look for the girl.  The paper mentioned that the girl’s name was Lyn Forester, and it contained a picture of Lyn, which showed her with long flowing blond hair, wonderful blue eyes, and a long attractive nose.

Holding my own nose on the next day, I started my toilsome search in the best area: a slum close to Lyn’s home.  There are many repulsive things in a slum area; some of them are rat-infested apartments, dirty drunken derelicts, and decaying animal corpses.  On the second day of searching the back alleys in the slum, I noticed three red strips of cloth hanging from an upper story window fluttering like small flags in the breeze; and I knew that it was the sign of distress from my Boy Scout days.  After I heard a muffled cry and saw the long flowing blond hair from the window, I burst through the front door and ran to the room where I found Lyn being beat by a nasty man.  With a surge of adrenaline, I knocked the man to the floor where he fell unconscious from the blow to his head.

After the police came, Lyn was taken to the hospital where she was treated for burns, bruises, and a cut on her face from the gag she had worn.  Lyn had been raped at the age of seven by a man who is now serving in prison.  Because I felt that they needed the money, I did not take the reward from Lyn’s family.  I was considered a hero by the newspapers and an idiot by the critics for saving a little girl from a sicko who had traumatized her.

I was awakend from my thoughts as the marching band from the parade came by.  After the girl with the fluttering flag began to cry for no apparent reason, my wife, Nancy, and I went to her.  We found out that her name was Ellen and that she was separated from her parents.  Since a policeman was standing close by, we told him about Ellen’s problem and left her in his charge.

After we agreed to return in one hour, Nancy and I split up in order to find Ellen’s parents.  After travelling one street block, I saw a blond couple looking for something.  I ran to them and asked if they had lost a little girl, but they told me that the only thing they had lost was a car.  I returned unhappily to the spot where we had left Ellen, and I informed the policeman that I had not found Ellen’s parents.  Ellen began to cry again when Nancy returned with two relieved parents.  They thanked us for our help and left happy with their daughter.  As they left, I thought about Nancy and my twenty ‑ four year old daughter and their long flowing blond hair.

Paul D. Anderson.

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