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The Parable of the Moth

February 1, 2010

                                               The Parable of the Moth

            There exists a legend, little known, seldom heard; a legend of a moth who found truth while drowning in a sea of lies.

            Matthew crawled with his brothers and sisters around their bush.  Life was peaceful.  Gradually, many of his siblings disappeared, taken by the birds and other forest animals.  That was the way of things.  Matthew developed a fearful reverence toward the birds.  They could fly, he could not.  He wished to fly as well.

            As time moved on, Matthew would daydream more, pretending that he had wings.  Then, the time of The Change came.  Matthew was scared; he did not know what would happen.  He grew tired and slept for longer periods of time.  Finally, he broke free of the web he had lived in.

            “Wings, I have wings, my wish.  I am blessed.”

            Matthew found others with wings.

            “Do we all get wings?”  He asked an elder moth.

            “Yes, we all receive wings.”  The elder moth gently replied.

            “Why?”  Thus came the natural response.

            “That we may seek the light young one.”

            Matthew did not fully understand the elder moth’s comment, but he wanted the elder moth to think that he was smart.  Therefore, he quit asking questions and nodded in mock understanding.

            He flew around enjoying his wings and new found freedom.  When Matthew met with others, He liked to sound impressive and would tell them that he was seeking the light.  His fellows would nod in mock understanding.  Eventually, he found an associate who knew something about the light.

            “Yes, I too seek after the light.  There are several of us Light Seekers.  Come with me.  We are having a meeting this evening.”

            They flew to an area where odd looking animals dwelt.  These giants had matted fur, lived in large tight web structures and smelled sweet.  Matthew could tell that these dirty animals were not of the forest.  Several Light Seekers had gathered in the trees.

            Matthew listened to the many discussions that went on around him.  The others called the animals Light Bringers.  Some told Matthew about the wild time they had the previous night and about their visions.  Many had danced and celebrated around the light last night.  With reverence, some told about their friends who had joined the light.  All of the Light Seekers equated the mind altering effect of the light to spirituality and enlightenment.  A few of the Light Seekers fought because they knew that the light spoke truth to them and that the others had misinterpreted their visions.

            As the sun disappeared behind the mountains the Light Bringers brought forth and gathered around the flickering light.  Once in a while, one of them wound wander away following a beam of light on the ground.

            The Light Seekers began their dance.  Being new, Matthew hesitated to join in.  They weaved around the Light Bringers avoiding their swats and jabs.  Some danced around the ones who wandered off.  Finally, Matthew joined the dance.  He became dizzy from the excitement.  Gradually, he entered into a trance like state.  He watched others join the light.  Matthew grew tired and felt drawn to the flickering light.  He flew closer and closer feeling his excitement grow.  In the distance he heard a voice, a quiet voice.

            “Fly away from the light Matthew.  It is not what you seek.  I am the Light.  Follow me.”

            At first, the voice did not register.  Then he heard it again.  He tried to come out of his trance, yet a large part of him fought the voice.  The excitement of the light overwhelmed him.  That small part of him continued to struggle and would not give up.  The other part of him was too great.

            The little part managed this short request.  “Lead me. Help me.  Please.”

            Yet the larger part circled closer to the light.  Then, all at once, the light disappeared in a cloud of steam.  Matthew was free once more.  Now he could feel the voice vibrate within him.

            “I am the Light.  Follow me.”

            From that time forward, Matthew knew the true meaning of the elder moth’s statement.

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