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The World Beyond the Whirlpool

February 1, 2010

The World Beyond the Whirlpool

By Paul D. Anderson

My first short story written at age nine.  I left in all the original misspellings because they are cute.

Ch 1 The Sea Serpent

Once upon a time long ago four men went on a boat trip and didn’t come back for weeks.  The four men where sucked into a churning whirlpool down into the water they went.  The boat was transported to a world beyond our own.

            A mysterious fog creped in the air suddenly a gray figure was coming closer!  What could it be?  It was a sea serpent; its big brown eyes looked at the men called Bob, Tom, Robert, and Sam.  They where afraid.

            Then the gray serpent said, “Hello, who are you?”

            “I a-a-a-m Bob, from earth these are my friends.”

            “No need to be frighted, I’m your friendly sea serpent, spose you want to go back home?”

            “Yes we would, how?”

            “You first have to go through seven worlds to get to the ogre, take this ring go that way, by.”

Ch 2 The First World

The travelers went on foot to the first world through a dense forest.  Eyes where lurking about in the darkness.  Swoosh, the travelers where grabbed up by bat people away they went!

They where taken to the dungeon and were to be eaten at the big feast tomorrow.  A guard was posted he was the only one with the keys to escape.  Nearing nightfall Bob remembered the ring and told the others.  They opened it, it was a laser ring. It worked!  The bars were cut, guard asleep, and escape plan ready but one thing stood in the way, they needed the golden scepter.

The king kept the scepter close by.  The travelers escaped from the cell, found a map, and a trap door.  The trap door led to the king’s beautiful room, king and all.  The king grabbed his sword he was to late they lasered him grabbed the scepter and vanished into thin air.

Ch 3 The Second World

            They reappeared in a plain flat land only to be befriended by a space traveler and his pet.

            “You must be the travelers the sea serpent told me about!”

“Yes we are.  Do you have a space ship you can give us if we give you a diamond?”

            “I might let me sea.”

            They got a space ship very sturdy.  A thankyou was made then off they went.

Ch 4 The Third World

            Bang they bumped into a dinosaur.  This dinosaur was very mean he swallowed the space ship whole.  Then a tyrannosaurus rex the meanest of all dinosaurs came and bit the other dinosaur to pieces.  Meanwhile Bob and Robert where taking one of the dinosaurs’ teeth out while Tom and Sam are flying the ship they did it! And flew out just in time.

Ch 5 The Fourth World

            Finally they reached a statue with big red gems for eyes.  They landed on top of the statue and got out.

            They immediately changed into fighters with long guns and swords.  Then they wedged a gem out of the statue.  This statue was about a foot higher than the statue of liberty.

            The ship’s engines died.  Then the statue came alive and threw the space ship across the blue sky.

Ch 6 the Fifth World

            After getting out of the frying pan they got into the fire with a dragon.  The dragon started to melt the space ship which forced them to land.  The dragon kept on breathing fire.

            “The ring!”

            “Get your gun!


The battle started with a hiss and roar.  Slash, zap, bang, shzoom, snap the battle went on till finely the dragon was down, they vanished.

Ch 7 The Sixth World

            Appearing in a cave they gathered.  “This cave is damp and it gives me the creeps!”

            “Me too!”

“Shish someone’s coming!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

“Grab him!”


“Got him!”

            They got a dwarf a small little dwarf a foot or two high.

            “Don’t hurt me!” he cried.

            “Hello take us to your leader.”

            “I am the Leader!”

            “Can we get some rest here?”

            “Yes if you can solve the riddle five, ten, nine equals twenty one.  Blank, Blank, Blank = 18.”

            “I know it’s 3, 8, 7 = 18.”

            “You may stay for a night you must then go, here’s the key.”

            The day started.  They left and said good-by.

Ch8 The Seventh World

            The space ship broke down for the last time carrying a scepter, dinosaur tooth, a red gem, laser ring, and a key.  The travelers came out of the ship to repair it.  Robert went to get some wood, Bob was repairing the engines, Tom guarded the souvenirs, and Sam repaired the cockpit.

            A herd of wild minotaurs came from the horizon.  Robert had just collected the wood and saw them.  He Shouted then they got their weapons just as the beasts arrived, they where too late the space ship and all the other souvenirs were carried off, then it was their turn.

Ch 9 The Ogre

            They where brought before the great ogre.

“I see you have lived through your journey.  You want to go home right?  You must do seven tasks before you go!”

“We have already! We got the scepter, tooth, ring, spaceship, killed the dragon, solved a riddle, and helped the statue come alive!”

“You may go then all of you through the whirlpool here’s your boat!”

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