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DAZ / Poser 3D Freebie Hunter

May 3, 2010
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OK so you got the DAZ 4.6 PRO free software (comparable software $500.00). Well if not, go get it at DAZ Studios. Now what? Before you start loading the rest of the freebies on to your computer, stop and think about why you want the 3D program in the first place. There are thousands (no joke) of freebies available to you. Scroll down for a list of sites giving away free stuff.  Be selective and make sure that your downloads meet your 3D goals. Does your computer have 75-200 giga-bites to contain the thousands of freebies?

I highly recommend getting “The Complete Guide to DAZ Studio 4 [eBook]”, because  I needed this book three years ago when I started 3D modeling with DAZ.  Because the DAZ Studio program is free, they do not feel the need to provide an instructional guide.  Anyone who has started out using DAZ Studio knows about the horrendous learning curve.  I just started into The Complete Guide to DAZ Studio 4 and the language in the book is easy to follow with enough screen shots to aid in understanding.  The author gives the reader sound recommendations for changing defaults and gets the DAZ Studio user up and running quickly.  I enjoy the logic and flow of the book.  The later chapters promise to cover creating some items for which I most definitely need some help.  The generous publishers and marketing department at Packt have agreed to give my readers a free 1st chapter so please click on the link:, and then on the Sample Chapter tab and then on download sample chapters in PDF format link to download the sample chapter.  Especially those of you who are new to DAZ Studio, click the link.

BIG NEWS!!!  Dawn is now available for free; get her here:  There has not been a free human female 3D model available in a few years.  Dawn comes with hair, one outfit, and some poses.  find the rest of my list of sites to visit for freebies toward the bottom of the blog.  New to 3D?  You might want to read the tutorial portion of the blog.

“Dawn is an original 3D figure available in two formats: Poser and DAZ Studio. No importers or conversions needed. Just download the version you want and start rendering. Add Dawn to your runtime and see what can happen when you don’t take no for an answer.” quote from Hivewire.

In you’re my Downloads folder create a “DAZ Studio” folder.  Within that, create “!!!New ZIPs”, “!!!Extracted ZIPs folder”, & “!!!Tutorials” folders.  The “!!!” keeps these folders toward the front of the line and marked as yours.  Collect ZIP files in your “New ZIPS” folder.  Use the extract here option to unzip the folders.  Now depending on how many ZIPs you had you will either have a small mess or a large mess to clean up.

Why bother organizing? Personally I don’t like scrolling through thousands of files to find what I want. Use my recommendation or something that makes sense to you.

Why not just unpack the ZIP to your DAZ / Poser area? Doing so will make an absolute mess of your DAZ / Poser. Only about 1/3 of the freebies follow the standard format reiterated by Meshworks; look in their tutorials. That means a LOAD of clean up! Once everything is cleaned up, then transfer to your regular DAZ / Poser location.

You will want to put your files in order before you put them in your DAZ content folder.  If you never plan to use DAZ to sell pictures and will only use for personal use, then you do not need the vast majority of the reedme’s and other documents.  These contain the legal use rights granted by the creator of the model.  If you are using the models for profit or making add-ons for the model you will need to keep and read the reedme.  Change the name of the reedme to something more descriptive so that you can find it again such as “Readme for Company Name : Model Name”.  These documents will be found all over the place; either delete them or put them in a master folder “!!!ReadMe”.

Promo pictures show up as well.  These are pics of other products that the vender makes or sells and are not needed.  Be careful!  If a .png or .rsr file is in the same folder as the character file .cr2 with the same name you need it because it becomes a menu icon.  You need some other picture files for templates and textures.  These give the model form, shape and color.

NOTE I do not own a MAC and cannot help anyone who does, sorry. I hope its similar to this. Files that look like ._filename.ext or a folder called ._MacOS or something similar are for MAC’s; if you have a PC, you can’t use them, so erase them.

The folder structure you want to see is as follows:

My Downloads

a          DAZ Studio

b                    !!!ExtractedZIPs

c                              Extracted ZIP files in case you mess up

b                    !!!NewZIPs

_____*****when it’s cleaned up Cut & Paste from here*****_____

c                              Content (Has been changed to “My Libraries” in DAZ 4.5)

d                                        Runtime

e                                                  data

e                                                  Geometries

f                                                            OBJ OBZ Files

e                                                  libraries

f                                                            camera

g                                                                     CM2 CMZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Character

g                                                                      CR2 CRZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Face

g                                                                      FC2 FCZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            hair

g                                                                      HR2 HRZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            light

g                                                                      LT2 LTZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Materials

g                                                                     .MC6 .MC7 .MT5 .MT6 .MT7 files could be in sub folders

f                                                            Pose

g                                                                      PZ2 PZZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            props

g                                                                      PP2 PPZ Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

f                                                            Scenes

g                                                                      PZ3 Files & PNG RSR could be in sub folders

e                                                  Reflection Maps

f                                                            JPG Files could be in sub folders

e                                                  textures

f                                                            Picture Files; Map, Skin & Surface (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, ect) could be in sub folders

_____*****to here*****_____

c                              Other ZIP Files that have not been extracted

b                    !!!Tutorials

***NOTE: Most people creating the freebies know the proper folder structure so find My Library or Runtime in the folders after opening the zip file.  Place any Runtime folder into the My Library folder, just cut and paste.  For the most part I erase all ads and promo pictures and just focus on these two files.  If you find a Content folder rename it My Library and merge it with the existing My Library Folder.  Clean up your folders and then cut and paste the new My Library folder created from your freebie zips to your main My Library folder that you use with the DAZ Studio program.  DAZ will have extra files in its studio area, you won’t have these in your staging area. Leave them alone, unless you are sure of what you are doing.  I am still trying to figure out where all the Genesis with its Smart Content stuff goes.  I will update when I figure it out.

Find many free open source programs for a vast variety of objectives at Source Forge. 7-Zip at Source Forge will allow you to open RAR compressed files as well as others. Opel GL OBJ Loader, SketchBoard, PatchOBJ, BlenderCAD, Wings 3d, K-3d, and Mandelbulber at Source Forge may be of help and interest to artists. You may want UVmapper, The Gimp, & Bryce (DAZ) also. CNET is another excellent site for free programs.

THANK YOU to all artists, programmers, and websites that have contributed to this vast 3D treasure trove!!!

.DLL Support Files DAZ uses some of these

.DOC Tutorials, Read Me’s Word (bundled most PCs)

.GIF Textures The Gimp

.JPG Textures The Gimp

.MP3 SoundFX Windows Media Player (bundled)

.MPEG Vidio Windows Media Player (bundled)

.OBP Bryce Geometries Bryce (DAZ)

.PDF Tutorials, Read Me’s Adobe Reader

.PNG Textures The Gimp

.PSD Textures The Gimp

.TGA Textures The Gimp

.TIF Textures The Gimp

.TXT ReadMe’s Word (bundled most PCs)

These Files are for other programs. You may be able to find a converter for them. In an attempt to cover many bases some ZIPs will contain these files which unless converted, are for the most part useless for DAZ. Look up other extensions at FILExt.

File Extension Program Company

.3DS 3D Studio Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.ABR Photoshop Adobe, Paint Shop Pro.

.B3D 3D Builder

.BB Art-lantis ABVENT

.BVH Biovision Motion File Poser

.C4D Cinema 4D

.CPP C++ Borland, Maya

.DDS DirectDraw Surface Microsoft, Photoshop

.DEF 3D Fassade Plus ADS Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.DXF AutoCAD Autodesk, 3D graphic

.FBX Kaydara Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.H Header ADS Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.LWO LightWave NewTek

.MAX PaperPort ScanSoft

.MB MapBasic MapInfo, Maya

.MTL Alias Autodesk (AutoCAD)

.OGG Ogg Vorbis Xiph.Org Foundation

.PCF Calyx Point Paint Shop Pro

.PMD PageMaker Adobe

.PRJ Project File 3D Studio

.PS PostScript

.RC Compiler Resource File

.RTE Fugawi Global Navigator Northport

.SIT StuffIt Smith Micro Software

.TARGA Truevision Targa Bitmap

.WRL Plain Text VRML

.X Alysis SuperDisk Self-extracting Archive

.XSI Softimage XSI Avid Technology

IMPORTANT!  Once your files conform to the above format them you can merge your new stuff with your regular content runtime in DAZ studios in My Documents.  I have some models that do not conform at all to the above format.  The creator has put the OBJ files in the same folder as the CR2 or PP2 files instead of geometries where it belongs.  The CR2 file contains folder location pointers to the OBJ file and material file and any textures or templates.  If the daughter files are not where they are suposed to be, the model will not load correctly.  DAZ 4.5 will tell you what it is looking for if it cannot find it and where it should be.  Use the search feature on your computer and create the indicated files to place the missing file in, then try to reload the model.  You have to use the tutorial in DAZ 4.5 to create a path to your non DAZ models before they will show up in the menu.

Most internet sites that provide free models require registration signup. Many of them provide newsletters as to what new stuff they have available in their pay store. As this is the main method of advertising these sites have and you are not paying for the freebies, allow them to send you a newsletter. It is the polite thing to do! Actually purchase a model or two, or even make a donation. These sites cannot stay open unless money comes in from the users somewhere. THANK YOU to all artists and websites that have contributed to this vast 3D treasure trove!!!

Special THANK YOU to Little_Star, who blazed this trail ahead of me allowing me to follow.


Here I will try to list many websites that offer “freebies” along with their store. If I have missed your website, and you have “freebies” for DAZ / Poser, please e-mail me If the site is in a language other than English please include instructions on how to navigate to the freebies; or to the sign up and then freebies; this is additional advertising for your site. I will not discriminate and censor in this article; I will leave that up to you, so yes some of these sites are ADULT oriented. I will not make statements as to the quality of the sites; make your own judgments. I am not promoting any site. I am merely letting you know that they exist. I will not reiterate the sites already mentioned above. I take a front door approach to linking, that means that I like to drop at the home page and not direct link as much as possible.

Many of these sites have a variety of Tutorials. People with a whole lot more experience with DAZ / Poser have written them; check them out.

AGAIN-!!! Most internet sites that provide free models require registration signup. Many of them provide newsletters as to what new stuff they have available in their pay store. As this is the main method of advertising these sites have and you are not paying for the freebies, allow them to send you a newsletter. It is the polite thing to do! Actually purchase a model or two, or even make a donation. These sites cannot stay open unless money comes in from the users somewhere.

_____*****WHAT YOU CAME FOR*****_____

THANK YOU to all artists and websites that have contributed to this vast 3D treasure trove!!!

ShareCG, Renderosity, Content & Most-Digital are your best bets plus DAZ Studios & already mentioned above.  I go to these sites daily.  Please find my free creations for DAZ Studio at

Some of these sites below may have disapeared by the time you click on it.  SORRY, I cannot always keep this current.  Last checked 01/22/2013.

3d Menagerie 3D PMR 3dUniverse 3eme Cercle Antonia Arc’s Pinup Studio

Arduino 3d resource XXX Baumgarten Enterprises Cadalyst Childe of Fyre

Combat Bunny Content Paradise  Dark Anvil

DAZ Studios Digital Creations Eclectic Guild Fantasy 3D

Heromorph Jan the Village Weaver Joe’s Art Gallery

KCTC klopfholz lab108 Library of Congress Vast 2D resource LittleDragon

Lovely Lady MalePoserotica XXX Mankahoo MDP Mint3d

Mystic Nights Nerd3D Nike’Image Painted Pixels PhilC Designs Porsimo

Poser Doll Psionic’s 3D Game Resources Qraffx

Realm of Savage Renderosity Runtime DNA Ruten Ryojo

ShareCG Keep coming back Shop Wicked

Sixus1 Professional smay3d Stefan Leng STK Productions Ether Forge

Synful Mindz  TrekkieGrrrl TurboSquid

Vanishing Point Yagami’s Yohuland Riddokun Poser Ziggies Model Emporium

3dcommune, adorana, andi3d

aprilsvanity, byudragon, crazy3dsmax

digitalbabes, faerie-dreams, handspanstudios

ladyfyre-graphics, planetvixens, poseraddicts

poser-corner, poserworld, runtimedna


AGAIN!!! Special THANK YOU to Little_Star, who blazed this trail ahead of me allowing me to follow.

AND!!! Special THANK YOU to Meshworks; for “Creating Compatible Zip Files”, © Krown Products Ltd. 2009 – All rights reserved.

More About Me:

Paul Anderson (Facebook w Pictures) AKA HsiWangMu (Look her up), Slimemold (My E-Mail), & Gyia (My blog w pictures and short stories).

Please link to this article here. You have permission to distribute this article as long as it is retained whole and unedited. If you need some pre basic pointers for 2D figure drawing, I have 2 short lessons here: Drawing-Pre-101


Bump Map– 2d black and white artwork used for texturing a surface. A bump map is usually an 8 bit grayscale image of an object or substance. It tells a rendering engine how far away any given pixel in the image is supposed to be. Shades of gray depict the pixel’s elevation. White is closest. Bump maps provide the information necessary to give surfaces a bumpy look. The artist must provide their own coloration. Bump maps can have any picture extension; such as: .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tif, .gif, ect. Definition in part from 3D Millennium.

Bundle- A grouping of programs as part of a package savings.

Character- A 3d element with moving parts. This could be a person, creature, or any item as long as it has moving parts.

Hi Res- A 3d element with many polygons is considered Hi Res. Most of the polygons of a Hi Res element are triangles. This provides an increase in detail. Hi Res elements make the best focus elements for your 3d space.

Lights- Lights are elements in the 3d space that lighten the other elements like a real light would in the physical world.

Lo Res- An element with fewer polygons make better background items. These are important because average PC’s crash when too many Hi Res elements are used.

Polygon- Lines that connect to vertices of a mesh and enclose a 2d space on the same plane form Polygons.

Pose- Someone moved around a character and decided that a certain positioning of the character had artistic relevance and meaning. That person then saved that positioning as a pose. Poses help artists save time by providing various character start positions. Most people like characters start in a standing erect with arms straight out to the sides position.

Post Work- The finishing touches that make you almost final render, final. These are usually 2d elements used to doctor problem areas.

Prop- A 3d element without moving parts. Any type of item without moving parts; if nothing on the person moves, it is a prop.

PSP Tube– 2d layered artwork usable in Photo Shop Pro.

Render- The 2D final or almost final piece of art. It could have several 3d or 2d elements combined together from multiple computer programs or sources.

Surface Solutions™- An improved form of bump map for rounded objects. Full definition at 3D Millennium.

Template/Mesh-3d elements are built at first by linking lines and vertices with 3 coordinates together in a framework.

Texture– Using color and shading in 2d art in a way to make it look the way it might feel: bumpy, furry, hairy, soft, hard, ridged, stony, plastic, metal, shiny, earthen, rough, smooth, ect. Textures are provided in 3d art to give models a more realistic look.

UV Map- An advanced mesh.

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