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Computer Cleaning for Technophobes

June 18, 2010

Are you a technophobe?  Apparently you are not alone.   Cathy Thomas sent me this:  “10 Celebs Who Are Total Technophobes”( )

I see the make my computer faster comercials on tv often. You do not need to pay them to clean your computer; you can do it easily yourself.

Click the bottom left windows icon on your computer (this is from a Win Vista System but other versions of windows will be similar)

Click to get your list of programs

Find and click the Accessories folder

Find and click the System Tools folder

Find Disk Cleanup program and Diskeeper.

Use these programs. Just click and follow the prompts.

You can also right click and Pin to Start Menu so that you can find these programs easier next time.

If you can’t find these programs, enter the name of the program in the search box of your start menu.

McAfee  has a cleaning option as well.

Double click McAfee and find and click PC Optimization.

Click QuickClean and follow the promts.

I don’t use Norton but I am sure they have something similar.

The online sites do the same things that these programs do, so don’t waste your money.

When you start up your computer, things will be slower because the computer is reataching to all of its periferals and the background programs are doing their thing. The lower right bar shows all of your background programs. These are constantly running. Each will slow down the computer somewhat. If there are a lot of these your computer will be slowed down a lot. Evaluate each one a see if you need it. If you need to get rid of a program see Uninstaling a Program for Technophobes  

Widgets will slow down your computer. Sure they are cute and sometimes useful but keep them to a minimum.

Virus protection programs slow down your computer. If you use the internet, you need to have one or worse things will destroy your computer. If your virus protection program is running a scan, your computer will be greatly slowed down. Because this is a background program, you may not know that it is performing a scan. Look at its icon on the bottom right bar, if it looks different than usual, maybe a little spinning anamation os such, click it. It might say “scan in progress”. Tell it to stop, click cancel, you won’t hurt anything by doing so. Set up, or have a freind set up, a more convienient time for the program to do what it does, such as 3:00am.

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