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Parable of the Two Pigs

July 23, 2010

Parable of the Two Pigs and Others (a Fable)

                Wrinkle Snout shared everything with his best friend Smudge Foot.  Even with their busy schedules, they both came together at the end of the day to talk to each other and share their day’s experience.  Wrinkle Snout had the hard job of being a show pig.  He showed Smudge foot how he had to sit very still for long periods of time; and told his friend all about the torture he suffered through being washed and groomed often.  Smudge Foot had just received an apprenticeship to the Chief Truffle Rooter.  Smudge Foot showed Wrinkle Snout how he had to dig and snort all day.  They both laughed at that.

                Smudge Foot soon grew tired of his job.  The work was very hard.  One day after work, Smudge Foot was particularly tired.  He wanted to relax, so he went down to the mud hole to soak.  Soon, a few other pigs came along.

                “Come and join me,” Smudge Foot invited.

                “No, we found a better hole, a special hole where our troubles are forgotten for a time.  You should try it.”

                Just then his friend Wrinkle Snout came by.  “There you are Smudge Foot.  I waited at our usual spot but you did not come.  How was your day?”

                “I am too tired to talk to you right now.”

                The next day came and Wrinkle Snout waited at their spot, but Smudge Foot never came by.  He checked the old mud hole, but sat there alone.  He missed his friend.  Where could he be?

                Smudge Foot fell out of favor with the Chief; he had fallen asleep during lunch and returned late to work.  Upset, he decided to go to the special hole where he found other pigs in abundance.  All too soon, he forgot about Wrinkle Snout

                “Come on in, or are you scared?”

                “I’m not scared.  What is there to be scared of?”

                “Well, sometimes pigs sink in this mud hole if they stay too long or go too deep.  But we are fine, come on in.  You will be safe enough.”

                “Well, I don’t know if I should.”

                “Silly sausage, hairy ham, go back to your mother, boring bacon.”

                “I’m not afraid.”  Smudge Foot put on a brave face and went into the mud.  Instantly he felt better and couldn’t remember the troubles of the day.  Wrinkle Snout still waited for him to come.

                Smudge Foot went to the special hole every day thereafter neglecting his friend Wrinkle Snout.  He had new friends now. 

                One day after Wrinkle Snout had just won the State Fair, he went to find his friend at his work but he wasn’t there.  Wrinkle Snout wanted to share his happiness with Smudge Foot.  In the past, his friend always celebrated when he won, and cheered him up when he lost.  Disappointed, he decided to take the long way home through the woods.

                On the way, Wrinkle Snout found a side trail with several pigs on it.  He followed the trail.  He then remembered a warning that his father had given him about the trail.  “Sometimes pigs don’t come back from there, so stay away.”  Scared for his friend, Wrinkle Snout hurried down the trail.  Maybe Smudge Foot was there.  To his horror, Wrinkle Snout found that Smudge Foot was indeed there as well as several others, hip deep in the special mud pool.

                “Get out of there Smudge Foot.  It is dangerous, I want to play and have a good time.  I’m so happy.  I won the State Fair.  Let’s take a walk and talk like we used to do.  Come celebrate with me.”

                “Come on in here, Wrinkle Snout.  You will feel even better.”

                “No, I will not go in there.  Pigs can sink in there.”

                “Look at me.  I’m not sinking.  You will feel better than you feel now.”

                “You used to make me feel better than I feel now and I used to make you feel better.  We had so much fun together.  You don’t visit me anymore.  Now you come here every day.  You forgot to go to work today.  Don’t you care anymore?

                No, I will not join you, Smudge Foot.  Here, let me help you out of there.  Come and talk to me.  I will help you.  I will always be there for you.”

                “I am fine and happy.  What is there to help with?”  Smudge Foot replied.

                Thereafter, Wrinkle Snout resolved to go to the special mud hole every day to offer to help Smudge Foot come out of the hole.  He tried to get the others out of the hole as well.  Once in a while, a pig would sink under the mud.  The other pigs in the mud hole did not seem to care.  Wrinkle Snout tried hard to get them out, but they never listened. 

                “All of you, come out of the hole.  Let me help you.  Come out of the hole Smudge Foot.”

                “You bug me Wrinkle Snout.  Quit coming here.  We don’t want you here.  Go away, we can take care of ourselves.”  With that Smudge Foot went deeper in the mud pool.

                “No, come back.”  Wrinkle Snout pleaded.

                “No, I like it here and I am staying.”

                Wrinkle Snout cried sad tears as his friend Smudge Foot slowly sank into the quicksand under the mud.

                “All of you listen to me, Smudge Foot has sunk under the mud.  Don’t any of you care?  The same thing will happen to you sooner or later.  I will help any of you out of the mud.  Come to me.”

                Then to his surprise, one of the other pigs came to him.

                “You have been there for us even when we did not want you.  We were mean to you, but you never left.  You are the best friend to us all.  Please help me out of this hole.  I want to be with you, and I cannot do it myself.”

                The next day, there were two pigs trying to get the others out of the mud hole.

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