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The Science of Magik

July 23, 2010

Science of Magik

A Beginning: Thoughts are magic; and magic is thought.  Simple enough?  Thoughts form and control magikal energy.  Certain animals, herbs, objects, chants, symbols, patterns, and places focus and conduct the magikal energy.  The body will channel magical energy as it heals itself.

Obviously some materials work better than others.  Wood does not conduct electricity well but copper does.  Gold conducts electricity even better.  Wood produces more thermal energy when ignited than copper does.  Due to the vast differences in people and their lifestyles some people are better at using magik than others.  

I leave this record for your benefit or destruction; you choose how you wish to use it. I have lived multiple lifetimes and experienced many cultures. I learn from them all. Everyone, everything instructs me. Open your mind, expand and enhance the magik within. Magik exists all around you, embrace it. The only way or correct way does not exist, myriad paths lay before you. I am a character from the book “Endgame: Genesis of Destruction” and write to you from that perspective. I am the immortal sorceress Evlyn Cerce Frulynd, a proper formal title meaning Evlyn (my given name) Cerce (taught of the honorable sorceress, use cerk if sorcerer, or ceres if multi-sexed) Frulynd (my first mystic teacher who happens to be my mother). The foundation holds the greatest strength and importance so always honor your first teacher. How you use the information and power within these pages rests upon your choices which you and only you are accountable. The wisest among you preach the rule of three where the magik you send out positive or negative will return upon you threefold.

What is Magik? Magik is projected thought used to manipulate matter and energy. The great sorcerer Albert Einstein summed it up as E=MC2 clearly showing that energy (E) and matter (M) are interchangeable with the assistance of constant (C2). Others claim that energy and matter are conserved and one cannot turn into the other, meaning however much energy you start with you end with howbeit in a different energy form; and however much matter you start with you end with howbeit in a different form. Without C2, energy and matter are conserved, but throw in C2 and the world turns inside out. So what is C2? C is soul, thought, being, essence. In short, C is you. “I think, therefore I am”, Rene Descartes. Now, getting C to the second power requires some work.

Universal Rule: Call it Karma or call it the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you or call it the Rule of Three where the magik you send out positive or negative will return upon you threefold.

First Rule: There exists opposition in all things. There are 6 magikal elements each with its opposite. Air-Earth, Fire-Water, Spirit-Null. In the case of C2 or magik opposition exists within magnetism. Sorcerers should note that electricity creates magnetic fields hence the use of candles for lighting. Before attempting to raise C to the second power remove yourself from Null such as interfering “lodestone & lectricity” and stay Spirit centered. Many practitioners choose to remove themselves to the wilderness escaping such interference. Some also remove their clothing becoming “skyclad” for the same reasons. The great necromancer Dr. Frankenstein used electricity and Null to great effect. I specialize in Geomancy (Earth Magik) and Healing (Spirit Magik). There are other disciplines such as: Pyromancy (Fire Magic), Hydromancy (Water Magic), ESP (Air Magik), & Necromancy (Null Magik). Technomancers also use Null Magik. Of course there are blended disciplines such as potion creation that cross over and use several elements at the same time. Pyrokenesis combines Pyromancy with ESP.

Second Rule: I consider draining magik from another sentient quite offensive. This is a form of vampirism. In most cases, draining magik from me carries with it a death sentence for the vampire making such a large mistake wherein I am the judge, jury and executioner. The shambling Skorn murdered my mother after draining her magik and sought to capture me to sustain his life if you could call it that. Cowboys in the American Old West hung cattle and horse thieves. I declare the same for magik rustlers!

Third Rule: Respect one another and learn. Remember the Universal Rule. Most organized religions propose love as the ultimate teaching within their religion yet have no tolerance or respect for any other religion. Everyone is different; everyone has their own opinion and belief. I know that the gods exist, four gods: Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water ruled the world where I came from manipulating events and sentients through an elaborate card game. Around here, many more exist. There are the elder gods who existed before mankind who created man in their image along with the gods who mankind created in man’s image. Remember rule one. These man created gods live in immortality for as long as they have worshipers and followers without such they cannot survive. Given that these gods do exist, I have encountered many of them, be respectful of them and their followers. Each religion uses magik in many wonderful ways and has great things to teach us all: prayer, meditation, and healing to name a few.

Tools to take C to C2: Thought is magik. Consider the placebo effect where patients take what they think is medicine but in reality it has no medicinal qualities at all yet their health improves over those who did not take anything; “mind over matter” in action. This can be increased through meditation as interfering thoughts melt away. The injured or sick sentient sends positive focused healing thought into the injured area. Masters alter their body temperature or lower pain perception through thought alone.

Pictoglyph “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Glyphs, runes, signs, sigils, and such contain concentrated thought built up of history, culture, collective group meaning, as well as individual meaning thus increasing C. These form a type of thought shorthand. The power and significance of glyphs change meaning over time; take the swastika for example an ancient symbol of luck and power now transformed to a symbol of hate. Whatever meaning you give to the glyph, it then has that meaning. Take into account Sorcerer Ralph Blum’s blank rune; anciently, I doubt that Vikings used it since it is very hard to read. This fact does in no way invalidate the item known as the blank rune. It has meaning for Sorcerer Ralph Blum and all who use it, therefore it is valid. Slang words are made and old words receive new meanings all the time. Once they gain a following, they then exist. What is art? Art is whatever anyone says is art. Art as well as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Colors, Sound, & Smell: Likewise sound and smell also contain concentrated thought. Consider the musical score in movies. Various orchestral sequences say things like: this is the hero, watch out the bad guy comes, be sad, be happy, or be angry. Does pine scent, lemon scent, or orange scent say “I’m clean”? Apple pie says “home”? Does light blue or light grey say “calm”? Yellow or red say “be excited and happy”? Choose appropriate colors, sounds, and smells to enhance the thoughts you wish to project. Doing so increases the percentage of brain usage opening a greater portal to C.

Emotion: You have to believe it, want it, feel it, and mean it. Intent is a crucial element to all magik. Think of magik in the form of a missile where thought is the warhead and emotion is the fuel behind it.

Group Work: Two or more minds work better than one alone. Ritual, ceremonial, and group magik increases C by everyone thinking in the same direction. The witchboard and séance depend on group thought.

Tools to increase projection: Continuing the missile analogy; it needs guidance or aiming. Personal auras occur through passive projection of thought. Sensitive sentients feel and see the auras of others. Some sentients actively project aura becoming invisible. Body language combined with projected aura communicates anger, confidence, or fear. These emanations however remain in close proximity to the body.

Wand or staff:  These ancient tools are best made with hard wood. Wood grows in rings forming a succession of larger cylinders. The variation in seasons causes alternating layers of tight smaller cells and larger ones. Magikal energy transmits through the length of the wand or staff bound within the concentric cylinders much like a rifle beryl contains and directs a bullet. To muffle sound in recording booths people use jagged soft foam. Likewise soft wood muffles magikal energy; sure it still might work but hard wood works better. Many practitioners recommend asking the tree for permission before taking the wood as well as giving a gift to the tree. I advocate taking wood from fallen branches and not harming the trees at all.

Crystals: Crystals primarily focus magikal energy will most also amplify the same magikal energy. Some crystals also “remember” thought patterns and can be attuned to various needs of the sorcerer.

Sword: Most metals readily conduct energy including magikal energy. They also contain crystals and can record thought. Note: iron and steel swords do not violate the first rule until they produce their own magnetic field. Keep your magik casting sword away from anything that may cause it to develop its own magnetic field.

Body Language: Hand, arm, and head motions; even full body dance also contribute to the increase of C by adding rhythm while galvanizing the thought.

Rhythm & Rhyme: Why use rhythm and rhyme? Whatever language you use for your spell, you will increase its power through rhythm and rhyme. These set up carrier waves of sound which will carry your spell farther. If you lack poetic skill, send your thought out with a rhythmic chant. The words should obviously relate to the desired effect of the spell cast.

Ultimately the thought belongs to you, the magik belongs to you, and therefore you should learn from a variety of sources and make it all yours. If you purchase a spell from someone it will not work nearly as well as if you created it because it is only a poem out of context from the casters original purposes. Chances are the original purposes are to get your money. Personal recommendation, never purchase a spell! Use the spells shared with you as examples. Edit, alter, and change them to suit you. It is like a resume, you cannot take someone else’s resume and use it unless you are real good at lying; however, you can learn format and condensed wordsmithing from which you build your own resume. Likewise a resume with the intention of getting a store management job will differ greatly from a resume for an IT job even though you are the same person sending out for both. Remember there are myriad paths not one!

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  1. Kilapaigo permalink
    August 15, 2010 11:43 AM

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  2. Ollie permalink
    August 6, 2011 6:30 PM

    The “rule of three” is something made up by Hollywood.

    • August 6, 2011 7:10 PM

      You missed the point. Reguardless of where it comes from, if someone gives it energy it becomes magic. The blank rune is a made up entity however it is used by many people who give it energy thus validating it in their use of the rune oricle.

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